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Feng Shui Vaastu Shop & Spiritual Centre is an offshoot of an altruistic, spiritual, religious- multi generational family based way of life and a hobby venture. The founders, investors, supporters, clients & links are Doctors, Paralegals, Counselors, Real estate, financiers & other investors, CAs, Lawyers, Political members, Social workers, Teachers, Art & Artefact curators, Importers, Business owners, Life Long Learners & much more. Our courses, consultation & stores are not commercialized- we prefer one to one consultation and initiation. Purchases are provided with consultation & guidance with a nominal basic fee. Energizing & support is complimentary for purchases. There are no false guarantees or timelines. We reserve the right to refuse service. We do not claim to be godmen, to be gifted or to perform miracles- these are knowledge, scientific, historical & universal energy based services. We welcome those who genuinely need spiritual help, guidance, predictions, solutions or remedies. God Bless. 

Dr. Prema Prabhu- MBBS, SHO- Obs and Gynec, MRSH [London], Reiki Grandmaster, Certified in over 25 spiritual disciplines. Dr Prema Prabhu is the respected senior consultant, spiritual trainer and guru at Feng Shui Vaastu Shop, Rajajinagar. She is extensively trained and has obtained guru dheeksha in spiritual disciplines both locally and abroad from innumerous individuals and spiritual organizations since over 40 years. She is a well established yet humble philanthropist in the field of medicine and holistic-spiritual life sciences since 1980. She is a UK return Medical Practitioner with around 30 plus years of experience in the field of Medicine, health care for women and children as well as family and holistic-spiritual counselling & consulting. Her expertise in the Holistic Field is in the following disciplines- Reiki, Yoga, Kundalini, Pranic Healing, Crystals, Vaastu and Feng Shui Expert Consultation, Pyramids, Yantras, Tarot Reading, Colour therapy, Magnified Healing, Soham Kriya, Mantra Yoga, Egyptian Cartouche Initiating Master, Runes, Kaballah, Karuna Reiki Master and many more. She has counselled, helped and uplifted innumerable lives since 1980, through spirituality, on an individual level. 

Dr. Rathi Prabhu- PhD in Holistic Sciences,  MD & BAMS- Alternative Medicine & Psychotherapy, DPC- Counseling, CPL- Paralegal Law, PGD Vastu, PGD Feng Shui, PGD Numerology, Nameology & Astrology, PGD Crystal Healing & Gemmology, B- Psychology & Economics, Reiki Grandmaster, 20 plus Spiritual Certifications and Guru dheeksha in Siddha Vaidhyam, Siddha Yoga, Advanced spirituality and Healing. She is the founder, spiritualist, counselor and property Vastu- Fengshui consultant at Feng Shui Vaastu Shop and Spiritual Centre. Dr. Rathi Prabhu is an established Feng Shui and Vastu expert, Property Vastu consultant, Reiki Master-Teacher, Numerologist, Nameologist, Tarot Reader, Initiating Master for spiritual courses and Spiritual Consultant based in Bangalore. She is also a Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Alternative Medicine Professional. Holistics was implemented in her personal life since her pre-school days through family spiritual lineage. She was introduced to yoga, meditation and mantra siddhi around the age of 3-4, received her Reiki attunement at the age of 8- 9 years of age and learned tarot, wicca and alternative healing by 14- 15 years of age. Parallel to her mainstream education, she continued to pursue holistics, alternative healing and spirituality to this day. She is formally qualified in more than 20 Spiritual Techniques, professionally certified and trained- practicing professionally since 2007. Look her up on Linked In for her detailed qualifications and certifications. 

Dr. Prabhu- MBBS, DPM-Psychiatry [UK], MSCP [UK] and FRSH [UK], Super-speciality in MD Psychiatry: - Psychotherapy and Alcoholism [UK] Was a registrar of hospitals under NHS, board committee of public and private sector companies, briefly served in the UK Army, worked in various hospitals locally and abroad, private practitioner; Wellbeing Consultant, Counselor, Altruist, Senior Vastu Property Onsite Visit Advisor and Spiritualist. Hails from a saint lineage. 

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