Feng Shui Vaastu Shop and Spiritual Centre boasts of a range of 500-1000 specific types of Feng Shui, Crystal, Vastu, Pyramid and other spiritual energized objects. The spiritual objects are imported from around 7 countries. Collectibles and artefacts of Feng Shui are curated by the spiritual experts from various sources locally and abroad. Spiritual objects are provided with guidance as per motives of individuals, date of birth, property, profession or as spiritual remedies for life issues etc. Free energizing and Complimentary consultation are provided by our spiritualists for all purchases. 

Tarot Predictions and Guidance is available for those who are facing life issues, need solutions and guidance. 
Property Vastu Consultation and Feng Shui Consultation is available for businesses, residential properties and commercial properties. Personal Feng Shui Consultation is done for individuals to boost various life aspects. 

Remedies for 2021 & following years
Baguas and Correctors
Healing kits
Crystal beads tied in gold thread
400 million year old fossils
Energy generators
50-100 types of crystal bracelets
Himalayan Rock salt lamps
Pyra Vastu and Vastu
Tibetan Feng Shui
Fengshui Gods
Bejewelled metal Fengshui gods
Healing wands
Amulets and pocket items
Evil eye collection
Semiprecious Crystal Tumbles
Crystal Spheres and Balls
Conches and Saligramas
Himalayan Rock Salt Products
Energized Crystal Pyramids
Crystal beads and bracelets
Healing Kits and Tools
Tibetan Gong
Fengshui Plants for sale
Turkish Evil eye trees
Amethyst Geodes
Fengshui Fountains
Bejewelled Metal Fengshui
Coloured Fengshui
Giant gem trees
Fengshui Animal Statues
Fengshui for specific purposes
Large statues
Customized property kits
Homa to energize Yantras