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Our collection is sourced, imported OR curated from various countries and cities- it is a hobby and interest of ours over generations, is not commercialized and is intended to be an altruistic service to you. We make sure everything we pick is authentic, even if it costs more than other places. We have ultimately written all our wealth to charities and social causes, so this venture is not motivated by gain or income. The spiritual objects are "Curated". We look at material, accuracy of symbols to depictions, quality of the statues and art, value of the pieces, rarity, spiritual significance, etc. We may buy at import rates, wholesale rates or even retail rates- the price ranges from- "very affordable to quite expensive." This store and spiritual centre is not for those who look to get something on bargain, to compare prices, get quotations, walk-in to take a look, those who are price sensitive or those without belief in spirituality. All objects are provided with consultation and energizing. 

Tarot Predictions and Guidance is available for those who are facing life issues, need solutions and guidance. 
Property Vastu Consultation and Feng Shui Consultation is available for businesses, residential properties and commercial properties. Personal Feng Shui, Crystals, Vastu and other Consultation is done for individuals to boost various life aspects or as remedial cures. Reiki and other spiritual courses & workshops are conducted to help those who wish to ascend spiritually, become healers, become professionals or use it for all round benefits of self, family and others. 

Baguas and Correctors
Healing kits
400 million year old fossils
50-100 types of crystal bracelets
Himalayan Rock salt lamps
Pyra Vastu and Vastu
Tibetan Feng Shui
Fengshui Gods
Bejewelled metal Fengshui gods
Amulets and pocket items
Evil eye collection
Semiprecious Crystal Tumbles
Crystal Spheres and Balls
Himalayan Rock Salt Products
Healing Kits and Tools
Fengshui Plants for sale
Fengshui Animal Statues
Fengshui for specific purposes
Customized property kits
Homa to energize Yantras
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