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Dr Rathi Prabhu and Dr Prema Prabhu's clients are among noted names in the film industry, writers, artists, educators, research professionals, doctors, top level managers, lawyers, politicians, businessmen, etc. Dr Rathi is an established Celebrity Numerologist, Nameologist, Feng Shui consultant, Spiritual trainer and Tarot reader. She has a wide clientele base from Bangalore, other states in India and from tourists who visit Bangalore. The clientele are from every section of the society, from every faith and every background possible. Her motive is one of spiritual altruism. Positive changes have been smaller or greater in each individual's life as provided to us as feedback from clients since 1980.


Some of our success stories since 1980 are as follows:-
Disclaimer- We ensure stringent client-consultant confidentiality, the names mentioned below are pseudonyms.

Mrs. Yamini- Started a school in rented properties. She consulted for Vastu & Fengshui visit for her property. Within a few years- she created an own school, college, several sites, apartments and a social work centre. 

Builder Rakesh- A 30 plus year old who started a small real estate consultant office locally. He implemented Astro-Numerology, Nameology and Fengshui solutions. Within a year he expanded abroad at various locations through tie ups, set up multiple offices abroad and locally. He deals with NRI investments in Indian propeties. 

Mr. Rao- Campaigned for a local politician who had lost twice. They implemented solutions including crystals, amulets, Yantras, Fengshui and tried the 3rd time. He won against all odds and is the MLA of a constituency in Bangalore. 

Mrs. Sara- Was divorced and had a child from her first marriage. Her family was particular about remarrying within the same community and to someone well to do. Fengshui solutions were provided with consultation. Within 6 months she found a well settled, loving man from her community who accepted them both. They are a happily married family now.


Ms. Rama- Has been a loyal client since over a decade. She took Egyptian power cards, Yoga and Reiki initiations and implemented Fengshui- for memory, education, competitive exams, opportunities abroad and many aspects. She got through as a rank holder in deemed universities, finished a PG abroad and is now very well placed professionally. 

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